About Us

My name is Brad Molcak, and I am the owner of an IT service and support company called Allied Business Solutions Ltd. My office is located in Drayton Valley, Alberta and my service area is Drayton Valley and the surrounding area.

I have been supporting and training people with technology for over 16 years, and I am still passionate about these things today. One big thing that has changed is my experience and my understanding of how technology should support your processes, not control your processes.

Over the past 10 years, I have been responsible for the IT and GIS of a local municipality. During this time, I realized that technology is an important ingredient, but add good people and good process, and you have a great recipe for success.

So you may ask, what is my specialty?

I specialize in the design, implementation and support of local businesses Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and technology, through strategic use of people and the right amount of process.