Inhouse Training

  • Up to 8 students at our office
  • Laptops provided to each student
  • Donuts and Coffee (with real cream)
  • Get away from the office

Onsite Training

  • Up to 15 students at your office
  • Laptops provided to each student
  • You provide the Donuts and Coffee (with real cream)
  • Stay close to your office

Brad Molcak

For over 16 years, Brad has been working with end users supporting their business applications through training and mentorship.  During that time, he delivered training to help office staff be more effective and efficient when utilizing Microsoft Office, and other office applications.

It is his passion to share the knowledge and experience that he has gained throughout his career, in a consistent and professional delivery.


What does Allied Business Solutions offer for training?

We offer two different training options. In-house training and onsite training.

In-house training gives your staff the opportunity to get away from the office and the distractions, and focus on the training.  Each student will have access to a dedicated laptop and all of the course material, and the only thing they will need to bring is their appetite to learn.

We will take care of all of the setup and breakdown of the lab to keep your staff focused on the training.


Will I have any interaction during the course?

Throughout the training, students will receive the right amount concept and the right amount of exercises.  The course has been designed to have students ask questions, and it all happens in a relaxed, "hands-on" environment.


Will I get to take home a manual?

When your organization signs up for the course, you will have the option to receive an online (PDF) version of the manual, or a paper copy of the manual.  More and more students are saying they find the online version works the best.

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